Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why do all my teeth hurt?

Yesterday and today when sitting on the couch all my teeth started hurting. I go to the dentist regulary and dont hve any cavities. I do have tmj can this cause it? If i get congested my back teeth hurt but this feels different. Its not ike a toothache pain but they do hurt. any ideas??

Why do all my teeth hurt?
with congestion you will grind your teeth more at night which will cause the soreness that you are having

Do you have a nightgaurd you might need to get one if the soreness gets worse

Take Advil or ibuprofen to help ease the soreness if it continues see your dentist
Reply:You might have something lodged in between two of your teeth. Give them a good flossing, brushing and rinsing and if the pain doesn't go away call your dentist.
Reply:Maybe your skull is still growing. like growing pains, you know.
Reply:how old are you - your teeth could still be moving about...

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